sbpp 2016 logoWe’re looking for people from every religion and every nationality to pray against worldwide human trafficking both before and during the “big game.” Human trafficking has been found to escalate around these large events.  The Super Bowl of football has often been called the “Super Bowl of Human Trafficking” as well.

We invite you to join together with friends, families and church groups.  Host your own “Super Bowl Prayer Party” in your homes, churches, and community centers.  If you are in a warm climate, have a “tailgating party.”  Bring your favorite recipes and have a great time, knowing that great shifts are possible in The Kingdom of God.  Lives can be changed!  People can be delivered and set free!

God Has Answered our prayers these last three years, in amazing Ways.  Be sure to check out our prior posts!  This year, we are adding conference calls for prayer and praises for 20 days leading up to the Super Bowl.  The Lord Specifically asked for “20 minutes a day for 20 days.”  King David Sent out his praisers prior to entering battle.  That’s what we will be doing, is building the praise of God prior to the game.

Please join in our email list and participate in the calls.  You’ll receive instructions and background information to help you pray effectively.  We also do “mass deliverance” on the people attending the game, and the people watching.  A workshop on “Powerful & Effective Deliverance” will be offered.

Both before the game and during it, we will be offering conference calls so that you can pray along with us.  Two can put ten thousand to flight, but what Will The Lord Do when a multitude of prayer warriors are crying out to Heaven?

Over the coming days leading up to the Super Bowl, we’ll post short videos and materials that help you to understand how widespread of a problem human trafficking is, both in the US, and internationally. More, we’re going to address the issues of child pornography, sexual exploitation and abuses.  We must not forget the families of those who have been kidnapped and sold into slavery.  The pain they endure is also excruciating.

While we can pray for the salvation and safety of the players, we won’t be praying for the outcome of the game.

We pray for and do mass deliverance on the people attending the game and watching it from homes or other venues.  We cover a lot of topics.

In 2015 we had reports from several people of seeing The Lord and His angels Present at the Super Bowl.  We did mass deliverance on the crowds present and extended it to those watching.  We included the staff at the stadium, and law enforcement.  The results were astounding.  God Shut Down cable tv networks during the halftime show.  There were bars that had to close down their Super Bowl parties.  You can see the outages in last year’s posts by continuing to scroll down.

  • In 2014, approximately 50 women were arrested on prostitution charges around the location of the Super Bowl.  Some of them were young girls who had been kidnapped off the streets and sold into sexual slavery.  They were returned to their families.
  • In 2013, The Lord and His Angels arrived en masse at one end of the stadium as Beyonce was singing.  The Light Surrounding and Accompanying them was  brilliant white!  At that very moment, the lights went out in the stadium which caused a delay in the game.


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  • Plan on participating in the “20 minutes of praise/worship a day for 20 days.”
  • Begin your own prayer efforts either alone, or with others for the safety of the people attending the game, human trafficking, and related topics.
  • Join in the conference calls that offer training on being an effective tool in The Hands of God for this event.
  • Join the conference call on Super Bowl Sunday.  We can take up to 1,000 callers from 57 nations.  More information will be given when you sign up.
  • Make sure you sign our form as a praiser/worshipper and/or a prayer warrior.  We need your help!

Yeshua (Jesus) Came to set the captives free.  We’re going to put the angels to work!

Thanks for participating!  ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

Patty Thomas, Founder

Super Bowl Prayer Party

Worldwide Waves Of Praise Movement (ChristmasDay@3pm)

The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry

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