Be a part of this Move of God!

We’re in the 7th year of the Super Bowl Prayer Party! 

It began on January 14th, with 20 days of praise leading up to the Super Bowl game.  Just like King David sent his praise and worship team out before the battles, so are we mounting a praise effort before intense prayers regarding:

  • human trafficking
  • domestic violence
  • threats of terrorism

All of these things have been known to surround large events such as the Super Bowl.  Yet, human trafficking is the #2 worldwide crime.

We have seen The Hand of God Move against human trafficking through the prayers that go up in January and February each year.  Many organizations are mounting prayer efforts.  We also work at creating awareness of the problem, how pervasive it is in every city, town and village, and at every level of society.

We ask people to host a “Super Bowl PRAYER Party” on Sunday, February 3rd, which is Super Bowl Sunday.  The game is watched in at least 119 countries.  Many people host regular Super Bowl parties, but there are those who are left home while their husbands and boyfriends go to game events.  Football wives and girlfriends, church goers and prayer warriors, elderly couples, young teens, anyone can participate!  Call your friends and family, and tell them to bring their favorite foods to eat.  We only ask, that you all: